Dr Atisha Lynne Gravell Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

My Approach

Some of my clients come to me simply because they have a sense that things could be even better for them. Some are going through difficult times, life transitions or traumatic events.

Some are confused or in various degrees of emotional difficulty. Together we work to create and implement new possibilities in terms of relationships and future life choices.

I work in a deep yet action oriented manner. It is deep in that I work together with my clients to gain a shared understanding of how they may have formed their particular ways of operating in the world- usually stemming from the nature of childhood relationships and experiences.

It is actionable in that once this understanding occurs, we focus upon how change might occur. I work together with my clients to create a vision of the future emanating from their authentic source rather than the limitations of the past. Then we work upon how this future can be made manifest, through tangible means, step by step.

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