Dr Atisha Lynne Gravell Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

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The Sessions

The initial session gives us both a chance to meet one another and to find out how we might work together.

It gives you a chance to experience how it would be to work with me; a taste of our working relationship. It gives you the opportunity to decide whether my way of working is what you are looking for. It enables me to begin an assessment of your personal circumstances and issues. At the end of the assessment I can give you an idea of how long I would recommend for us to work together and the main issues that are apparent.

Standard sessions last 50 minutes although the initial session lasts 1 hour. Although I usually work in an open ended manner with my clients, we can talk about how you would prefer to work- either short term (12 sessions), or a longer term, responding to your needs as appropriate. We usually meet weekly for the main body of the work. However, we may want to meet monthly at the completion of our work for a time whilst the changes consolidate, but again we can tailor this to your individual needs.

For couples the standard sessions are 1 hour and 10 minutes. I would then wish to see you both individually for a session of around an hour before resuming our joint sessions

£70 for an individual session of 50 minutes
£100 for a couple session of 1 hour and 10 minutes

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